Thursday, September 23, 2010


In this shoot, i learned about depth and how a cameraman can use his/her surroundings to lead the viewer into background of the shot. We used lines and repetition to show the depth in each picture as well as foreground/background objects to lead the viewer and to make the viewer see the picture through our eyes. While we were shooting, it was extremely cold and bright outside which gave all the pictures a kind of blue sheen to them, making them look eerie and mysterious at times.

These are my background/foreground pictures. These help the viewer see, at first, the foreground, and then gradually lead the eye back into the background.


These photos are my repetition shots that show that the reuse of objects next to each can lead the viewer into the depth of the image.


These are my leading lines pictures which lead (as the name states) the viewer into the background using lines. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Blur and Motion pictures
This project was very interesting and fun because we got to program our shutter speeds to very low and experiment with the colors and blurs that the images before us made. This project really helped me learn about the fun and mesmerizing pictures a camera can take just by changing one setting.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

cityskapes- combo/contrast

This project was about finding the beauty in different landscapes and buildings. We walked around on California street and we took pictures of normal objects, buildings and plants that resembled shapes in our minds. This project really showed me learn about the beauty and simplicity of everyday life.

cityskapes- triangles

cityskapes- squares

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The 3x3 Project

Doing this assignment was a real learning experience for me because I am used to taking photographs from a frontal view. Taking shots at "3x3"angles mean that you are not only exploring the "say cheese" pose, but you are discovering different shooting angles and different heights to take the pictures from. For example you can take a picture from far away and at a low angle to give the subject an impression of grandeur. Overall, this experience was very informative and it taught me about the different aspects of photography.